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You will find in this section, the developments that the XWiki Labs is and has worked on. Each development is described with a demo, installation and source code URL.


Recent developments

Application that provides a list of pages which could be interesting for the user, based on his history and the pages' content.

This application provides an IDE for XWiki which allows users to group pages and spaces in a project. They can then easily navigate between pages and edit them with wiki, object and class editors.

XWiki Labs team is a contributor to the Totem Application as part of the EESC project. The Totem application allows to build nice home pages for public web sites that are easily editable, including Carroussel displays, list displays, and many other.

XWiki Labs is ont of the contributors to the LearnPAd platform, which is the objective of the LearnPAd Project

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The environment prevents the table from loading data.
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