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Compatible One aims to develop a complete "Cloudware" solution under a free license. The different software products from the project partners, among others, will be adapted and integrated. Compatible One has the ambition to enable everyone to create, deploy and administer private, public or low-cost hybrid Clouds providing services of all kinds (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

Compatible One has a total budget of 10 447 K€. The project brings together numerous participants: XWiki, ActiveEon, CityPassenger, eNovance, Eureva, Lost Oasis SARL, Mandriva, Nexedi SA, Nuxeo, the OW2 CONSORTIUM, Prologue SA, INRIA – Sophia Antipolis, INRIA – Grenoble, Institut Telecom.

The project started at the beginning of November 2010.

CompatibleOne has allowed XWiki to improve it's cloud related technologies, allowing in particular to launch the XWiki Cloud offering.

Developments funded by this project

XWiki Extension Manager and Extension Repository

As part of the CompatibleOne project, XWiki has worked on the Extension Repository and Extension Manager features integrated in the XWiki Platform. These technologies allow to manage and install extensions including dependencies. This is the foundation of the XWiki Extension Repository as well as the XWiki Distribution wizard allowing easier installation and upgrades of XWiki.

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