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The Wiki 3.0 project, brought in partnership with INRIA and Mandriva, was selected by the French Ministry of Economy. There were 44 projects chosen from 340 submitted.

The aim of this project is to create a new generation collaborative platform based on new modalities of interaction and joint work.
The platform will benefit from the power of social networks, the opportunities for collaborative editing of documents in real time and from the cloud infrastructures. The final goal of the Wiki 3.0 project is to develop an enterprise business solution that can provide significant productivity gains in the processes of exchange and creation of knowledge within professional groups.

The project ended in July 2012.

Many of this projects' results have been incorporated in the standard XWiki Enterprise product, such as social-oriented user profiles and activity stream, and workspaces.

The realtime editor is the precursor of the ChainPad real-time editor used in CryptPad.

Developments funded by this project

XWiki Workspaces

As part of the Wiki 3.0 the XWiki Workspaces application project has been started, allowing for more advanced collaborative features inside the XWiki Platform.

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