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The OpenPass project aims to provide a French Open Source offer of new-generation collaboration platform for Enterprises and Administrations in order to develop technological independence overlooked the big classical digital actors.

Structured around the concept of Enterprise Social Network, it will produce a set of Innovative Web technologies  able to revolutionize the concept of "virtual office":

  • Tools for secure real-time collaborative editing of documents (text, spreadsheets,
    presentations) and business process.
  • A store of applications based on open APIs, will enable external actors to enrich
    the existing collaborative services.
  • A virtual meeting environment with real-time filtering technologies allowing the extraction of relevant information for the participants from the analysis of the voice signal data and stored information. It will be based on the combination of text mining algorithms and natural language processing.
  • Implementation of significant use cases of data sets from corporate actors.
  • An active open-source community around the real-time collaboration technologies.

These components will be integrated as an open software platform deployed in the Cloud, accessible to application developers under a free license allowing the consortium partners to mount commercial offers as a result of the project.

At the heart of the strategy of technological partners of the project, the results will complement the already released software offerings for many customers. They will create a break from the acquired positions and conquer significant market shares. The commercial targets are virtual offices and new generation collaborative platforms. These are markets already penetrated by Linagora, XWiki and Nexedi which already have a customer installed base vector of difusion and commercial exploitation.

Due to its incentive nature, the aid involved in the project promotes the emergence of three digital champions in France as an ETI (Linagora) and two large SMEs (XWiki and Nexedi) ready to become ETIs.

Participants in the project include:

  • XWiki
  • Nexedi
  • LORIA / Score
  • LIX / DaScim

Developments funded by this project

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