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EESC project is a call for project from French Ministry of Education.  The aim of this project is to develop and provide a PIM (Personal Management Information) for schools as a social network.  XWiki will provide knowledge about collaborative tools:

  • real-time tools for collaborative edition of documents
  • project managements tools
  • digital library for pedagogical resources
  • website factory

The project is leaded by SOPRA with 3 partners: Éducation et Territoire (consulting about education), Axess-OMT (specialized in pedagogical organization for schools) and XWiki.

The project started in the beginning of 2013.

Developments funded by this project

XWiki Education / Planète Sankore

As part of the EESC project, XWiki has been contributing to the Planète Sankore code base. We have introduced an embed mode allowing to search and view ressources from any web site and we have studied the upgrade to XWiki 6.x and Flamingo on the Planète Sankore software.

XWiki Project Application

As part of the EESC project, we have contributed to the XWiki Project Application, extending it to connect it to the XWiki Task Management application.

XWiki Flamingo Skin

As part of the EESC project, XWiki has contributed to the XWiki Flamingo Skin, allowing XWiki to become bootstrap compatible and modernizing the XWiki User interface. XWiki Flamingo is now the standard skin for the XWiki Platform.

XWiki Task Application

As part of the EESC project, we have contributed to the Task Manager Application, to integrate it with the Project Application and to provide a KanBan view for the application.

Totem Application

XWiki Labs team is a contributor to the Totem Application as part of the EESC project. The Totem application allows to build nice home pages for public web sites that are easily editable, including Carroussel displays, list displays, and many other.

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