A letter to the people I met at PhD Talent

Thank you for visiting the XWiki table at PhD Talent 2015. The values of Open Source and helping people to better cooperate on common goals has brought me to XWiki and it would be my honer to be able to help others who share them.

In order to help you to understand what XWiki (and especially XWiki Research) is and what it is not, I have put together this page outlining some of the things we offer, what we expect from our team members and why a person may want or not want to join.

This lifestyle is not for everybody. We want as much as you to be sure that we will be an excellent fit before committing eachothers' time to working together. What we do is difficult, it's difficult in a way that many people are not used to because we don't know exactly what we need to develop.

What we do is often not technologically exciting, we integrate existing code and we patch up bugs in old technologies and we implement algorithms which are no longer fashionable. But at our heart we are not a Tech Company, we are a People Company. If your dream is to explore the frontiers of mathematics and technology, perhaps we are not the best fit, but if you want more than anything to make some small difference in the lives of real people, I hope you will talk to us because this is what we are about.

Though we will need your help in fulfilling the mission, we will also need your help in defining it. No job description is ever complete without something about a "fast paced dynamic work environment" but not everybody is prepared for a workplace where calling the boss wrong, and proving it, is not just tolerated but actually an expected duty.

In XWiki Research, we are currently working on development of a realtime collaborative document editor, spreadsheet and web based development environment to provide an Open Source alternative to Google Docs, so we are heavily involved in HTML5, Javascript and DOM manipulation.

If the idea of working in these fields and possibly making a difference in the world is something you care about, please write me back. If you are unsure of the qualifications or have any other questions about the opportunity, ask and we can decide together if starting the interview process makes sense.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Caleb James DeLisle

Created by Caleb Delisle on 2015/10/22 10:02