XWiki Labs


Integration of the XWiki Software into the OpenENT Education Platform

Open Source User Decision Platform, helping to select open source projects

Model-Based Social Learning for Public Administrations

Solutions pour l'édition et la publication de contenus riches (texte, audio, vidéo).


CryptPad is the zero knowledge realtime collaborative editor. Is leverages client-side ChainPad technology for Realtime Collaborative Editing.

Contributions to the XWiki Project and Tasks Applications

Leveraging Reactive HTML5 and standardized Bootstrap CSS, Flamingo helps push the XWiki Open Source collaboration suite into the 21 century of mobile and tablet devices.

This application provides an IDE for XWiki which allows users to group pages and spaces in a project. They can then easily navigate between pages and edit them with wiki, object and class editors.

XWiki's Research team works on French and European funded research projects and on new technologies helping to improve the future of Open Source and the European Tech Community. Learn more about XWiki SAS

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